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The use of online games in your ESL lessons. 

If you are wondering how to keep your

student's attention throughout the lessons

with the added value of fun interactive games then read below and join my webinar.

September 23rd, 2020




Would you like to feel like this?

You have winning online games that thousands of people now use, instead of spending hours and hours looking for them and trying them out. 

Your students will want to carry on playing after 45 minutes.

Your students advance quickly through playing these games. 

If you don't feel like this, this webinar is designed specially for you

What we will cover in the event.

How to spice-up your lessons with online games and activities.

An abundance of material to use in your online lessons.

Everything ready on a silver platter - click and play!

23rd September, 2020


This is who I am.


ESL Teaching Expert with

25+ Years of Professional Experience.

In my previous role as a teacher trainer for a large educational franchise, I travelled the world training teachers on the importance of positive reinforcement, creative learning and the effectiveness of language acquisition through fun and interactive games. It was while I was talking to English teachers and reflecting on my own teaching experiences that I identified a real need for high quality, accessible and innovative games that could enhance student participation. As a parent of a special needs child, I have a very real insight into the unique and varied ways children learn and retain information, as such it was clear to me that adaptability to each student is paramount when considering the effectiveness of each game. This has allowed me to create exciting and highly effective games that can be adapted and played at the level that best suits each students’ needs.  Through the materials I produce, hundreds of teachers have implemented them and are giving very successful lessons, which have produced amazing results. You can become one of them.  

What People Say

"We - my students and I - love the online games that go with the summer booklets"

M.S. - ESL Teacher

Loving It! My students and I love using the interactive online games at all levels. Makes the lesson so much fun!

N.Z. Manager of Learning Centre in Israel 

Hi Debbie,

My new addiction instead of buying clothes, is buying from you!!  You keep adding things that I want, and now with these online games, I decided to treat my students with a pack of your games and the kids love them. 

J.C. Teacher

You have made my life so easy with your online games. Thank you so much, my students love them. 

Teacher S.S. 


Yes, I want to join the webinar,

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